Lutetia – Type Revival

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Lutetia was designed as a commission from Enschedé by Jan van Krimpen. The drawings of the typeface were ready in the middle of 1924 and first cut and cast in 16 point size in the Enschedé Type Foundry. For the first time the typeface was used in the book dedicated to the exhibition that took place in Paris in 1925. Therefore the name Lutetia refers to the Roman name of Paris.

This project is both: a demand to digitize the existing typeface and an essay about Jan van Krimpen and his work. Reviving the typeface is an uneasy task. No matter how many materials one can find, there are always many questions. One can doubt in whatever they do since there is no one right way to follow. Each detail, each decision can be both right or wrong. Knowing this is perhaps a good starting point to the conclusion, that one can never be successful by making the perfect copy but by being consequent. And this is why we have chosen Lutetia, a very charming, yet legible but also tricky design that allows us to learn, and try as much as possible.



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