Junge Menschen und ihre Rechte

Book, Illustration, Typography
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Junge Menschen und ihre Rechte (english version: Young People and their Rights) is a handbook mainly aimed at 14-19 year-olds explaining, through 30 concrete scenarios, what their rights and responsibilities are in the society. The book is to be used as a schoolbook in schools, as well as distributed by the police, ministry of education, and youth organizations. It tries to answer questions like “is my mother allowed to snoop through my computer” or “what do I do if my boss is making sexual advances towards me?” tackling the topics of privacy, religion, bullying, sexting, care, free-time, and marriage.
This handbook was made in collaboration with the Ombudsman of Austria, and published by Edition Ausblick.
Project in cooperation with Diana Ovezea. Our task on this project was to design the cover and the inside illustrations/infographics. The biggest challenge was to come up with a look that would seem “cool” to our target group of teenagers, while still being serious enough to be distributed by the ministry of education. We went through numerous drafts on the cover and the infographics, trying to find the right language. You may see the process on our Behance page.